Friday, November 11, 2016

Nicholas Bacon

My five year old travels under an alias, an assumed name.  He saves this alias for certain situations when adults ask him what his name is in the hospital or out in the community.  He saves this name for the best of times and the worst of times, and using this name is his little escape from reality.

One beautiful fall afternoon, Nick's bus pulled around our street, and I walk out to meet the bus. The bus driver motions for me to come closer to the bus.  I think, "ut oh, what happened?".  I notice he's a substitute bus driver.

"Sorry we're late", he says.
"Oh no worries.", I reply. "
"Well we're late because Nick told me his name is Nicholas Bacon."
"Oh".  We both erupt in laughter. 
"Your last name is so long and his first name doesn't fit on my sheet of riders." "I had to call the bus garage and ask if there was a "Nicholas Bacon." "To which they replied, no."

I asked Nick if he said his name was Nicholas Bacon. His response, "Yep." Me, "Why did you tell him your name is Nicholas Bacon, you need to tell him your real name"  All I got is a smile and a shrug, and that ended our conversation about the infamous "Nicholas Bacon".

I've had him go with a healthcare professional to get his weight or vitals, and I've had the healthcare professional say to me, "is his name really Bacon?"

Cheers to you "Nicholas Bacon", not related to Kevin Bacon but to Bacon Bacon. Cheers to you.

Bacon Forever,


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