Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mayor of Mantown

I am your #manbassador of the Town of Men. Maven of Mantopolis. I am the self appointed #MayorofMantown. #MomofManville #RancherofMantana

You see I live with all males, and I have for some time in the walls of my home and in the decades of my life. This story is about them, and a thank you for all of their kindness and support while we battle my children's rare disease and while I try to raise my children to be really great men.

You need to know that if you surround yourself with strong, self confident men gender doesn't matter. Run from the men who feel they must crush other people to make themselves feel better, and brandish their own insecurities, just run.  Strong men will support you and help you achieve your dreams because they're busy doing just as well, and don't feel threatened.  This is my skill...the ability to pick the good ones as friends. I am one of those girls who has lots of girlfriends but lots of male friends too.  Some of these men are my closest friends and they are awesome. I have no idea why I have male friends. They often tell me that they don't view me as a girl but just as a cool friend (which could be offensive, LOL as I try to look nice). Many of us have the same sense of humor and appreciate a good laugh even at each other's expense, actually most often at each other's expense. I have always been an athlete, so I think that might be the connection too.

Athletics made me really close with my grandfather who had this amazing sense of humor and a way of bringing people together to feel like a community. He gave me the strength to feel like I could do anything, and often supported me in a way that caused me to achieve more than I knew I was even capable of; he was my greatest fan.  All of these life experiences with the great men in my life prepared me to become a mother of men.

Living in a House of Men

A couple of weeks ago I couldn't figure out why my face was breaking out, I was doing everything "right" as far as taking care of my skin. I held the towel I was using to dry my face up to the light and realized it was a car wash towel. Yes, with tire gloss, and all the great chemicals one uses to clean their car.  This is what it is like living in a house of men.  Nothing is ever quite right, and really many of them don't care. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm the Finder in Chief of things that are almost always right in front of them or just barely hidden by a piece of paper, a strewn garment on the floor or lying right on top of something else. I am the more proficient cleaner in the group, and making new apprentices every day as to how the washing machine works. After losing a whole suit, I am not certain my apprenticeship program should take any new applicants. I am their teacher, their nurse, and most importantly their Mom and their wife.

To My Man-Friends

Your friendship has been really special - I love you man. I have spent over 472 lunches with you, shared 932,000 beers and glasses of wine with you.  Your words to me are, "I can't imagine how hard this is, and you are so strong." (and that's just when I managed to accidentally dump the whole table of beers all over myself while rooting for Ohio State) When I saw you years later, you always remind me that I am made for this, for raising the best men and for facing this challenge head on. You always remind me that if anyone can do it I can. You've defended me on the El (elevated train), filed cab driver claims when the driver wouldn't let you sit up front while we drove to lunch while I was pregnant and took up 2.5 seats.  You've gone to battle for me verbally whenever anyone was mean to me, and believe me I took notice. Some of you are married to my friends and I couldn't imagine them with anyone else.

To wrap it up (I am certain you've stopped reading at least a paragraph ago), as the Mayor of Mantown, I declare this day a celebration of the great men out there and the great friendships that men and women can have over a lifetime.  Thank you for your support. My term has no limit.

A Throw Back to Fun